Discover the ultimate resource for making your sustainable product-based business profitable with our comprehensive workbook. Tailored for entrepreneurs passionate about eco-friendly products, our workbook is an essential tool for  small sustainable product-based business owners. It offers detailed insights into business and digital marketing strategies, ensuring your venture not only thrives but also contributes positively to the environment.

What sets our workbook apart is the unique inclusion of QR codes, providing exclusive access to advanced digital calculators. These tools assist in critical areas like budgeting, pricing, and profit planning.

Elevate your sustainable business to new heights by leveraging our expertly crafted resources, designed for success in the competitive green market. Perfect for eco-conscious entrepreneurs seeking practical, effective solutions.


Book cover for the the Workbook Green crafting which is written to help small sustainable product based businesses.

“Green Crafting: Building a Profitable Sustainable Product-Based Business” is a comprehensive guide for small, sustainable product-based business owners, ideal for those starting out or looking to expand.

This workbook provides practical strategies and insights for thriving in the green market, covering topics like understanding market trends, effective branding and marketing of eco-initiatives, and building a supportive community.

It also addresses overcoming industry challenges and includes a toolkit of resources like specialized financial calculators for budgeting, pricing, and salary planning, helping entrepreneurs transform their passion for sustainability into a successful and impactful business.